28.-29. Nov 2019 - Applied Machine Learning in Taxonomy - Announcement

The workshop aims to provide a hands-on introduction into important Machine Learning (ML) techniques with the opportunity to discuss their applicability in the context of participants’ data. Biologists with interest in data analysis and little or no prior knowledge of machine learning are encouraged to attend. Basic programming skills (e.g. in Python or R) will be helpful, but are not required.

Topics: Supervised Learning (Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural Network), Unsupervised Learning (cluster algorithms), feature extraction (PCA), image classification, object detection

Location: Botanische Staatssammlung München, Menzingerstr. 67, 80638 Munich

Registration: By 30 Sep 2019. Please send to christoph.oberprieler@ur.de.

More information will be posted by mid-September. For questions please contact tankred.ott@ur.de.