See our project-related talks below. Taxon-omics members are shown in bold.

Kalita S.N., Edvardsen B., Kohli G.S., Janouškovec J., Šupraha L., Hansen P.J., John U.: Bridging functional and phylogenetic diversity of marine heterotrophic protists via single-cell transcriptomics. Talk on the 7th European Phycological Congress, 25-30 August 2019, Zagreb, Croatia.

Hawlitschek O., Argudo C., Querejeta M., Ortiz E., Pereira R. and S. Schmidt: Admixture and fast speciation in species complexes of Acrididae: A MuseOMICS approach. Talk at the 13th International Congress of Orthopterology, 24–28 Mar 2019, Agadir, Morocco.

Patzold F. and A.K. Hundsdoerfer: Hybrid species recognition using ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ (NGS) of museum specimens. 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biological Systematics (GfBS), 24–27 Feb 2019, Munich, Germany.

Patzold F. and A.K. Hundsdoerfer: Hybrid species recognition using ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ (NGS) of museum specimens. Meeting of the DFG Priority Program “Taxon-Omics: New Approaches for Discovering and Naming Biodiversity” (SPP 1991), 20–21 August 2018, Montpellier, France.

Lautenschlager U., Wagner F., Vogt R. and Ch. Oberprieler : Species delimitation in polyploid complexes. 20–21 August 2018, Montpellier, France.

Beszteri B., Kloster M. and T. Nattkemper: Combining slide scanning microscopy, web-based virtual slide annotation and machine learning for diatom collection mobilization. Symposium talk at the 25th International Diatom Symposium, 25–30 June 2018, Berlin, Germany.

Oberprieler Ch. and R. Vogt: Setting up a methodological pipeline for species delimitation and species network reconstruction in polyploid complexes. Taxon-Omics, 1st Annual Meeting of the DFG Priority Program SPP 1991 “Taxon-Omics: New approaches for discovering and naming biodiversity”, 19 - 20 Oct. 2017, Munich, Germany.


First prize for best symposium talk

Schiwitza S., Arndt H., Nitsche F.: Hidden diversity of choanoflagellates from extreme saline environments – Investigation of new species originating from the Atacama Desert. Symposium talk at the 38th Meeting of the German Society for Protozoology (DGP), 20-22 February 2019, Vienna, Austria.