Taxon-omics Research Projects

Using herbarium specimens to study evolutionary change related to climate warming - novel uses of natural history collections through specimen and label images

Professor Dr. Susanne S. Renner

Zooplankton biodiversity assessment by an integrated morphological and genetic taxonomy complemented by proteomic fingerprinting as a new and promising tool

Dr. Jasmin Renz-Gehnke

Biological soil crusts as unique microecosystem represent a suitable model system to address taxonomy and cryptic diversity of microalgal key players

Dr. Karin Glaser

Exploring genomic methods for delimiting species in radiations of terrestrial snails

Professor Dr. Bernhard Hausdorf

Next generation taxonomy of Bluebush (Chenopodiaceae): maximising the value of collections through integrated morphology, genomics and image analysis

Adjunct Professor Dr. Gudrun Kadereit

Setting-up a methodological pipeline for species delimitation and species network reconstruction in polyploid complexes

Professor Dr. Christoph Oberprieler & Dr. Robert Vogt

Lecanomics: New ways of species detection and recognition in a ubiquitous group of lichens

Dr. Christian Printzen

The influence of secondary metabolite genes towards the speciation of Xylariaceae (Ascomycota)

Professor Dr. Russell J. Cox & Professor Dr. Marc Stadler

Developing, calibrating and applying a genomic toolbox for species delimitation in Palearctic and tropical amphibians

Professor Dr. Michael Hofreiter & Professor Dr. Miguel Vences

Establishing a standardized and universally applicable set of nuclear-encoded markers for genome-wide multi-locus species delimitation of metazoans

Dr. Dirk Ahrens, Professor Dr. Bernhard Misof & Professor Dr. Oliver Niehuis

Deep mobilization of natural history collections of microscopic organisms using high throughput image analyses and interlinking with molecular data (MobiDiC - MOBIlization of a DIatom Collection)

Dr. Bánk Beszteri & Professor Dr.-Ing. Tim Nattkemper

Microgastropod Taxon-Omics: Towards a probabilistic and automated species-discovery system

Professor Dr. Thomas Wilke

A MuseOMICS approach to scrutinise DNA barcode failure: testing the causes for taxonomic incongruence patterns in phytophagous Hymenoptera and Orthoptera through hybridization capture using RAD probes

Dr. Oliver Hawlitschek & Dr. Stefan Schmidt

Deep molecular characterization of eukaryotic microorganisms´ diversity and community composition in forest soils and the canopy region across biomes using a multiple barcoding approach - micDiv

Professor Dr. Michael Bonkowski & Professor Dr. Martin Schlegel

The biodiversity of apomictic polyploid plants: the Ranunculus auricomus complex

Professor Dr. Elvira Hörandl

Sponge TaxonOMICs

Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck, Dr. Sergio Vargas Ramírez & Professor Dr. Gert Wörheide

Speciation through hybridization: Species concepts in smut lineages with common hybridization

Professor Dr. Dominik Begerow

Phylogenomic analyses from archival DNA

Professor Dr. Michael Hofreiter & Dr. Nicolas Straube

Types and genomes - Solving a conflict in frequently hybridizing taxa of Veronica

Professor Dr. Dirk Albach

Cheap and efficient museomics-based monograph: a test with melons and cucumbers

Professor Dr. Hanno Schaefer

Marine heterotrophic alveolates: a genomic and morphometric single cell approach

Dr. Uwe John

Re-evaluating taxonomy and distribution patterns of the Xanthophyceae (Stramenopiles)

Dr. Nataliya Rybalka

Innovative integration of high-throughput DNA barcoding, transcriptome-based constrained phylogenetics, hyperspectral imaging, and morphology to assess and characterize a poorly known fauna

Adjunct Professor Dr. Steffen U. Pauls

Mapping sequences to protist morphospecies

Dr. Frank Nitsche

Hybrid species recognition using "Next Generation Sequencing" (NGS) of museum specimens

Dr. Anna K. Hundsdoerfer

Analyzing historical plant-pollinator interactions by conducting pollen metabarcoding on museum specimens of German bumblebee species

Professor Dr. Birgit Gemeinholzer, Privatdozent Dr. Alexander Keller, Adjunct Professor Dr. Michael Ohl, Professor Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter

Species Delimitation in East African Cichlid Fish Adaptive Radiations

Professor Dr. Axel Meyer