[ARCHIVE] 18.-21. Feb 2019 - Workshop "The background and application of ddRAD"

Organized by Philipp Hühn, Gudrun Kadereit, and Thibaud Messerschmid (University of Mainz), and Kevin Karbstein (University of Goettingen) at the Institute of Molecular Physiology, University of Mainz.

The major aim of this workshop is to impart practical experience for a ddRAD lab work flow including all steps from the restriction-digest to the final DNA library. We will discuss all sorts of potential hurdles, traps and mistakes that might cause suboptimal data quality and yield. Our modified ddRAD protocol is optimized for long loci with the aim to perform gene tree analyses with the data, however, we will also discuss other protocols of the RADfamily. The participants are invited to bring their own DNA samples (preferably of high quality) to test our lab workflow for their study group. Since our lab is small, we have to restrict the number of participants to eight.